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With a 30 years of experience, we produce kids clothing for 0 -15 years old.

We produce especially jeans, gabardine, velvet, vs.

We have got resellers in Turkey and in other countries.


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 Money and Banking

Monetary policies in Turkey are directed by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey. The Central Bank has the authority to issue banknotes. The Central Bank is also responsible for implementing the monetary policy, regulating money supply, extending loans to banks, and forming the instruments of the monetary policies. Under the Central Bank Law, amended in 2001, the task of achieving price stabilization also belongs to the Bank and this is considered the principle task of the Bank.

The economy in Turkey and the Turkish financial system underwent important structural changes since 1980. The financial policies introduced removed the restrictive regulations in the sector and thus paved the way for the development of a competitive environment. Thus, there have been extensive developments in the banking system. The application of liberal policies such as facilitating the entrance and exit of domestic and foreign banks, child wear manufacture and liberating interest rates, enlivened the banking sector and contributed to its rapid growth. Thanks to the liberal policies and the new banks entering the system,  the  predominance of the public sector has been gradually going down. The banks in Turkey have rapidly increased the number of services available for their clients. With the technological competition they face, the banks are making use of the electronic banking services which increase service quality.
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Important steps have been taken to ensure the harmonization of legal and organizational aspects of banking with international norms. Banking Law No. 4389, enacted in June 1999, has introduced the “Banking Regulation and Supervision Board” (BRSB). The Board has the authority to make decisions independent from any political authority, and its administrative and financial autonomy allows the more efficient use of supervisory power. In order to harmonize banking regulations with international criteria, in May 2001 the BRSB implemented a new program called “Banking Sector Restructuring”. The basic aims of the program have been the financial and operational restructuring of the public banks to be privatized, the capital improvement of private banks, solution of the problems of the Savings Accounts Insurance Funds, and harmonizing the applications in the banking sector and child wear manufacture with international standards and European Union norms.
As of the end of 2002, there were 40 commercial banks and 14 non-investment banks operating in Turkey, making a total of 54 functional banks. The banking sector holds a value of 129 billion dollars, with 123,000 employees and a total of 6,106 bank branches.
Information technology applications are very much up to date in Turkey  in  comparison  to  other  countries.  In  this scope ATM, POS, telephone baking and internet are in extensive use. Electronic banking, holding an important place on the agenda of banks is used to further customer relations, improve the quality of service and reduce costs. Thus, many investments have been made for “Call Centers”, “Internet Banking” and “Customer Relations Management” during the last few years. The banks also employ information technology in their own transactions. Several banks have closely followed electronic trade developments and have implemented necessary measures and have made the necessary investments to supply customers with electronic trade possibilities.

Since 1984, private financial institutions have also been active in the financial system in Turkey. There are five private financial institutions operating in Turkey and they were included within the scope of the Banking Law with the amendment in 1999. Insurance companies, the Istanbul Stock Exchange, the intermediaries in the Stock Market, real estate investment partnerships, leasing and factoring companies also operate within the financial system.

Insurance. After 1990, domestic and foreign insurance companies were granted permission to enter the market which was frozen until then. The liberalization of tariffs began in the insurance tariff system, which was previously determined by administrative decisions. This change vitalized the sector and provided rapid growth. As a matter of fact, the insurance sector produced premiums of over 2,426 million US dollars, of which 456 million were health premiums in 2002. The insurance sector has contributed to the economy by paying more than 1.283 million US dollars in indemnities.

As of the end of 2002, there were a total of 58 companies operating in 13 different branches, including 55 insurance and 3 reassurance companies. There are also a total of 15,600 insurance agencies in the sector.

Another structural change that is part of the social security reform and complements the  public social  security  system, is the “Law on Individual Retirement and Investment System”. It establishes individual retirement plans for those citizens voluntarily contributing in accordance with preset payments. The administrative and legal framework necessary for the effective implementation of this system has been completed and a number of retirement companies has emerged since 2003.

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