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On June 26, 2001, the 40th Partnership Council convened in Luxembourg. At this second Partnership Council meeting following the Helsinki summit, developments concerning Turkey’s pre-initiation strategy were evaluated, and a series of important decisions were taken concerning Turkey’s participation in the Union Program, full access to TAIEX, and the formulation of mechanisms for discussion concerning the issues related to trade within the scope of the Customs Union.

The EU-OIC Joint Forum held in Istanbul on  February 12-13,  2002, served as an example for the Union in expressing what Turkey “could contribute to the Union” instead of the “burdens it would bring to the Union”, which the Union frequently refers to.

Turkey also ensured that the PKK and the DHKP-C were listed as terrorist organizations.

At the special session of the TGNA, the Parliament approved  the European Union Harmonization Laws composed of  14 articles at a special session on August 1-2, 2002. According to the laws, capital punishment was abolished except for crimes of war  and  very  close  threats of  war,  and  it  was replaced by life imprisonment. Further decisions were as follows: the right to broadcast under the supervision of RTÜK in languages used by Turkish citizens in their daily life; the holding of courses by the Ministry of National Education to teach these languages and dialects; facilitating the rights of minority foundations to own property; and certain restrictions were lifted concerning the freedom of associations and their branches to hold meetings and demonstrations both locally and abroad.
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At the Helsinki Summit held in December 2002, it was decided that the decision pertaining to Turkey is to be taken in 2004 and the TGNAaccepted the 6th Harmonization Package in accordance with conformity with to the EU on June 19, 2003. At the Thessaloniki Summit which began in the same period under the periodical chairmanship of Greece the developments in Turkey were noted and Turkey was asked to realize all the changes set forth in the Helsinki decisions.

The TGNA accepted the 7th Harmonization Package on July 29, 2003, thus practically completing the legal work concerning the harmonization process. The following are issues amended within the 7th Harmonization package: the scope of the freedom of expression has been enlarged; the destruction of printed material has been banned; investigation concerning torture has been given priority; the budget auditing capabilities of the TGNAhave been developed with an article added to the Law of the Supreme Council of Public Accounts; the public property of the Turkish Armed Forces are to be serviced in a manner befitting the need for secrecy; the age for children’s courts has been amended from 15 to 18 kid clothes wholesale; private persons have been given the right to form societies; it has been decided that meetings and demonstrations can be postponed for 10 days and not 30 if there arises the necessity to do so; the tasks and missions of the Secretary General of the National Security Council who is appointed by the proposal of the Prime Minister and accepted by the President, have been redefined; and it has been decided that the National Defense Council should meet once every two months instead of once a month.

The Cyprus Issue. The East Mediterranean island of Cyprus is  the  homeland  of  two  distinct  peoples:  Turkish
 Cypriots and Greek Cypriots. Their relationship is not that of a majority and minority, but one of two equal political entities. After more than 300 years of Turkish rule, the island of Cyprus came under British administration in 1878, and in 1923, kid clothes wholesale sovereignty was formally attained by Britain. The British colonial administration on the island continued until 1960, when a joint bi-communal state, the Republic of Cyprus was founded. It was based on international treaties, signed by Great Britain, Turkey and Greece, as well as the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot communities.

The leaders of the Greek Cypriots did not consider the 1960 settlement as the final status for the island but as a step on the way to annexation (Enosis) to Greece. They continued to campaign unlawfully against a bi-communal independent state and on December 21, 1963, they put their plans into effect for a general onslaught on the Turkish Cypriot community. The brutality of Greek attacks was such that the Turkish Cypriot population in no fewer than 103 villages had to flee for their lives and take refuge in small enclaves all over Cyprus. The events of early 1964 made the Turkish Cypriots virtual prisoners and hostages in their own land kid clothes wholesale. The United Nations Secretary-General of the day described the situation as a veritable siege.

On the July 15, 1974, the military government in Greece played a role in engineering a coup on Cyprus designed to achieve Enosis. Turkey, one of the three guarantor states, called upon Britain as the other guarantor for joint intervention under Article 4 of the 1959 Treaty of Guarantee. The British Government of Mr Harold Wilson declined to take action. Thus, Turkish land, sea and air forces launched a rapid and highly successful operation designed to protect the Turkish Cypriot people.

The Turkish Cypriots desired to live in peace with the Greek Cypriots as an equal people and supported the establishment of a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation based on the political equality of the two parties. However, the Greek Cypriot preoccupation of gaining supremacy over the Turkish Cypriot side frustrated many of their efforts. The Greek Cypriots preferred propaganda and exploitation of international forums to serious negotiations for a mutually acceptable solution. The Greek Cypriots recourse to  the  UN General Assembly, where the Turkish Cypriots had no fair chance of making their plight known led to the collapse of the negotiation process in 1983. The Turkish Cypriots declared their independence in November 1983, exercising their right of self-determination. After the establishment of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the inter-communal negotiations resumed. However, a solution has not been reached.

In the second half of 1999, efforts to resume negotiations concerning the Cyprus issue, which had been delayed due to the decision of the EU in 1997 at the Luxembourg Summit to commence negotiations with the Greek Cypriot Administration for membership, gained momentum. The UN Secretary General Kofi Annan stated on November 14, 1999 that, even though five rounds of negotiations were held during the December 3, 1999 - November 10, 2000 period to “form a meaningful basis for negotiations for a comprehensive solution”, he was unable to attain the goal expected of him.

The declaration made by the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, on September 12, 2000 at the commencement of the fourth round was a very promising step in the initiation of the resolution of the issue. In this declaration, he stated that the two communities on the island were separate but equal political entities which could not represent one another and stressed the necessity to reach a comprehensive solution which would facilitate new cooperation through meetings to which both sides would attend as equals. But the Greek Cypriot delegation reacted negatively to this statement and a decision was taken by the Greek Cypriot assembly on October 11, 2000 not to recognize this declaration.

Approximately one year after the refusal, at the invitation of the UN Secretary General, Rauf Denktaş met with Kofi Annan in Salzburg on August 28, 2001, and expressed the views and expectations concerning the Cyprus qestion. He explained once again the facts on the Island and gave him a note which included the parameters for a solution sought by the Turkish-Cypriots concerning the question. This was later published as a UN document. After the said meeting, Alvaro De Soto met with both sides on the island between August 30 - September 5, 2001.
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