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The Coal Region of Turkey. In Zonguldak, the coal center of Turkey, economic life is based on mining and industry. The environs of Zonguldak, which is also a port, are full of scenic wonders. Devrek, to the southeast of the city, is known for its beautifully ornamented walking canes. Ereğli, to the north of Zonguldak, is an industrial port. Ereğli, hosting the gigantic Iron and Steel Plants, is famous for its strawberries. The Cehennemağzı Cave, where according to mythology Heracles captures Cerberus, the triple-headed dog, is located to the east of Ereğli.

Bartın, located to the east of Zonguldak, is a Western Black Sea town known for its old wooden houses and scenic wonders. A Strawberry Festival is held every year in the town which is also famous for its strawberries. The industrial city of Karabük and the town of Safranbolu, which is like an open-air museum with its historical houses, are located to the south of the city. Safranbolu, named after the saffron plants which are grown in the environs, is a town which has managed to keep alive many original examples of old Turkish architecture.
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  The Central Black Sea Region. Kastamonu is a town that resembles an open-air museum for its historical houses exhibit the best examples of old Turkish architecture. The economy of the town is based on agriculture. The town is like a paradise on earth with its 135 km. long coastline, forests, oxygen rich plateaus, and its curative thermal and mountain springss. The most prominent of the historical and artistic sites of the  city  are  the  characteristic  Paphlagonia stone tombs  which  are presumed to date back to the 7th century B.C., the Kastamonu Citadel constructed by the Byzantines on a rocky hill in the 12th century, the Kastamonu Museum which has a historical building, the İbni Neccar Mosque dating back to the Çandaroğulları era, and the bronze statue of Atatürk which symbolizes one of Atatürk’s reforms on Cumhuriyet Avenue. wholesale child apparel The depth of the Ilgara Cave near Pınarbaşı is 250 m. and its length is 58 m. The stalagmites and stalactites in the cave are the result of one million years of accumulation.

Sinop province, which is mainly located in the Western Black Sea region with a small portion in the Central Black Sea region, was founded on a peninsula extending into the sea. The natural flora of the province is rich, due to regular and abundant rainfall and moderate climate, which has resulted in the abundance of forest products in the province. The deepest forests in Turkey are in Çangal Mountains. Sinop is also one of the most beautiful holiday spots on the Black Sea with its natural coves sheltered from the winds. The Hamsaroz and Akliman coves compare to those in the Southern Aegean. The city, which is named after the Amazon Queen Sinope, was founded by colonists migrating from Miletus. The famous philosopher Diogenes, who was known for his expression, “don’t cast a shadow on my sunlight, I don’t want any other favors”, lived in Sinop in the 4th century B.C wholesale child apparel.

The history of Amasya province, located in the Central Black Sea region, dates back to the Hittites. Amasya, which attained great importance during the Ottoman period, became one of the five largest cultural centers of Anatolia where many scientists and Ottoman princes were educated. The province has been described as “the Oxford of Anatolia” by European tourists. Murat II and Yavuz Sultan Selim grew up here. Amasya also played an important role in the National War of Independence. Mustafa Kemal, who landed in Samsun on May 19, 1919, came to Amasya on June 12, 1919. The plans for the National War of Independence were drawn up and the dates of the Erzurum and Sivas Congresses were decided upon here. The “Amasya Circular” published on June 22, 1919, stated that the independence of the nation can only be achieved by the will and determination of the nation itself.

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